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Pearl Global Limited is recognized as Europe’s leading manufacturer of the very best Eco-Friendly “Green” waterless car wash products and premium detailing products. Our Waterless Car Wash range of innovative cleaning, detailing and protection products are designed for both the professional and consumer markets. We specialise in providing eco-minded entrepreneurs & car care importers with concentrated products in bulk containers and shipping them anywhere in the world. Upon arrival, these products can be diluted, bottled and distributed at their business locations. We provide the option for customers to use use the Pearl brand or use their own private label or brand. This Pearl Car Care business model has been very successful throughout the world, and we have sold and shipped waterless car wash products to over 100 countries. We can also ship to your location. We have honed and perfected the entire production process, from start to finish. We can arrange and coordinate all of your sea, road or air freight requirements or you can arrange your own. Pearl Global is a “time-tested” professional company with the ultimate in “commercially-proven” Eco-Car-Care products. These products are in-stock and available at all times. We are ready to help you with your car care needs. Request a Free Wholesale Price Here

Why Pearl? The short answer is that the products work really well. We also go way beyond our role of “product supplier”. We help, advise and asset you the entire way. We have decades of experience and work with 1000′s of people in they industry. We want to help you become successful and not back some of the fundamental mistakes that we have seen other make in the past. Working with Pearl is based on a positive, solid, trusting, long-term commitment that both sides benefit from. We only want to provide “win-win” opportunities.
All Pearl® waterless car wash products are completely non-hazardous and water-based. This makes them extremely environmentally friendly and safe to transport. They are manufactured to the highest ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 industry standards and are fully compliant with the latest EU directives. All Pearl products are supported by current Material Safety Data Sheets; ensuring safe use, storage and distribution to our national and international export clients. Pearl® is a registered trademark and continues its membership with the British Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber endorses the proactive lengths undertaken to ensure our product quality and exemplary service levels are maintained at all times for the security of your business.


Pearl Waterless Car Wash Products
Our world-class facilities in the United Kingdom enable us to control what goes into each of our formulation’s and it is our assurance that all our customers are getting the very highest quality in environmentally friendly auto care performance products to exceed their every expectation. Pearl® Advanced Ultra NanoProfessionalUniversal Cleaner and Eco Tyre Shine are water based and very easy to work with. Our formulations are extremely tough on dirt but gentle on surfaces. They are also safe for the environment while creating a ‘Maximum shine in minimum time’ for the premium showroom finish.

Delivering total performance versatility, all Pearl® waterless auto cleaning & luxury detailing products are reliably unique and can be used with amazing effect on wet or dry surfaces. They can be used in or out of direct sunlight, in hot or cold climates. They provide the user with the complete freedom to wash, wax, polish and protect a vehicle absolutely anywhere and everywhere without the need for any water or electricity source.

Fast and easy to use. Just simply spray on, wipe off and buff to a brilliant, instant shine. Our unique scratch-free Pearl® waterless cleaning chemistry dissolves, releases and suspends dirt from paintwork, glass, plastic, fabrics, metal, rubber, leather, alloy and chrome surfaces. A soft microfiber cloth pulls the dirt  into the fibers trapping them in the cloth and a second soft, microfiber cloth buffs into an unrivalled and beautiful finish.

The Pearl® professional waterless dry car wash system contains only the finest natural raw materials including special lubricants, wetting agents, coconut-derived soap, UV screeners, non-abrasive pumice, latest Nano technology and Carnauba waxes. These waxes are the world’s hardest natural wax to re-formulated to revitalize the entire vehicle surface. Unlike many conventional and alternative cleaning products, Pearl® waterless car wash products contain absolutely no solvents, no petroleum hydrocarbons, no heavy metal compounds, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-aerosol and are completely non-flammable.

With the increasingly complex environmental legislation regarding the use of chemicals in professional cleaning operations, together with global warming concerns, we are seeing a rapid increase in the number of end-user customers switching to Waterless “Green” Products. These proven sustainable cleaning solutions do not require a significant investment in chemical capture devices or water recycling facilities, demanded by environmental compliance authorities. Therefore with the outstanding performance capabilities delivered by the Pearl® world class waterless car wash/ cleaning system, there are exceptional profit rewards and environmental protection incentives. Add to this the regions of the world where the use of water for commercial cleaning is restricted or banned outright, there are exciting growth and innovative investment opportunities for clients across the world in being able to provide an efficient, high quality, waterless cleaning and detailing solution.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other government agencies state that the average person cleaning a car using the conventional soap and water hose method wastes up to 116 gallons of water per car wash.  The repeated abrasive scouring process of the conventional hand or automated wash action can or may destroy the paints ability to achieve or maintain a gloss finish, provide protection against rust or corrosion and it is likely to leave unsightly swirl-like scratch marks. In addition, automatic car wash systems use on average 40 gallons of water per car wash, wasting vast amounts energy and require an oil and water separator. By comparison 750ml of Pearl® Waterless Advanced Ultra Nano will wash, polish and Nano wax protect your car to showroom standard on average 7 times. All of that while delivering a truly high performance ‘greener’ and ‘ecological’ solution to cleaning with the conventional soap and water. This also conserves precious water, saves energy and protects the local natural resources from contamination and pollution of waterway systems.

We are committed to “Eco-Green” car care products. We have a team of highly qualified “in-house” chemists who are very experienced and versed in environmental compliance laws. We have a proactive approach to the ongoing research and development of new innovation in chemical technology. Pearl’s® solid infrastructure with over 25 years of manufacturing expertise is superbly placed and extremely confident that looking to the future trends of tightening environmental legislation, continuous climatic change and exacting high performance product demands, that the new business opportunities presented by its world class waterless cleaning and detailing products, enables all its clients to dramatically reduce their carbon footprints, increase profitability and be at the very forefront of a rapidly developing and strategically important sector of the Automotive, Marine and Motorcycle industries.

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