Pearl® Nano Cerami-Glass Quartz 20/20


Pearl Nano Cerami-Glass Quartz 20/20
is a technologically advanced Nano-engineered, transparent protective ceramic coating, formulated to chemically bond at a nanoscopic level to glass windscreens and windows.

Containing unique UV screens which proactively lock out harmful atmospheric degradation and sun bleaching giving the treated surfaces the ultimate in long-life protection, even in the harshest extremes of the hot desert and inclement polar climate conditions.

Nano Cerami-Glass Quartz 20/20 delivers the very latest in Super Hydrophobic technology (Lotus-Leaf Effect) ensuring water, dirt and other surface contaminants are repelled, leaving treated glass surfaces cleaner for longer.

Chemical Bond: Chemically bonds to glass, windscreen and window surfaces which can only be removed by abrasion.

Resistant: The coating forms a transparent scratch-resistant shield on treated surfaces and delivers safe, clear vision in heavy rain.

UV, chemical and corrosion resistant, treated surfaces remain unaffected by repeated washing cycles from Ph2 to Ph13.5.

Pearl® Nano Cerami-Glass Quartz 20/20

Durable: Quick, simple and easy to apply, outstanding single coat application gives long-lasting durability for up to 6 months on glass (additional layers can be added to extend life and durability).

Multi-Surface Protection Capabilities: Can also be used as a second overcoat layer on QUARTZ 9H (application gives up to an additional 2 years of durability on paintwork) or QUARTZ HD (application gives up to an additional 6 months durability on rims).

Outstanding Performance: Super-Hydrophobic (Lotus-Leaf Effect) Nano Technology ensures surfaces stay cleaner for longer, repelling rain, dirt and soiling even in the harshest of climates.

A high-performance cutting-edge ceramic coating that delivers dramatic water-repellent properties that minimise water spotting.

Application of Coating: Shake before use.

Ensure the glass is thoroughly cool, clean and dry.

Prior to application in order to ensure optimum bonding remove any dirt, grease, compound residues, silicone contaminants and wax using Pearl Glass Sparkle preparation and panel wipe.

Apply 5 sprays of QUARTZ 20/20 onto the glass surface (each corner and centre) with maximum coverage of 60 x 60cm (2ft x 2ft).

Using a Quartz Applicator Block wrap with a Quartz Suede Cloth (lightly mist spray cloth with QUARTZ 20/20) distribute the product evenly across the surface area in a cross-hatch manner.

Allow the product to flash off for up to 5 minutes (climate dependent). Wipe over the treated surface with a Quartz Microfibre Cloth from outside of the application area inwards to remove initial residue and then turn the cloth over and continue buffing to remove all residue and leave a high gloss finish.

Pearl® Nano Cerami-Glass Quartz 20/20

Repeat the process until all surfaces are treated.

(For increased durability a second overcoat layer can be applied 4 hours after initial application).

Application Advice: Apply the product indoors at an ambient temperature of 15-25°C, out of direct sunlight and keep the vehicle indoors for a minimum of 12 hours after application to ensure curing is complete. Curing times can be accelerated with infrared, 5 minutes to each side of the vehicle at 65°C.

Coating, Maintenance and Care: To maintain and conserve finish keep surfaces clean using Pearl® Professional all-in-one cleaner and preserver which has the optimum pH working levels for this application. This ensures that road traffic salts and general acidic environmental contaminants do not adhere to attack the treated surfaces.

Typical Specification:

Colour:        White

Viscosity:    Liquid

Stability:     Protect from freezing. Store at ambient temperature.

Shelf Life:   18 months minimum in unopened containers.

Packaging:  6 x 100ml Plastic Bottles with Atomiser Spray.

Product Code: PL079