Pearl Tornado contains the very latest revolutionary compound technology which enables the user to achieve unique cutting action versatility through choice of hand, machine foam or lambswool pad, to tackle the paint rectification job in hand.

Dealing effortlessly with gentle soft touches to where increased cutting strength is required, Tornado delivers the ultimate perfection in removing deep ingrained scratches and imperfections to the more complexes of heavier duty imperfections from all automotive and marine paint surfaces.

Be careful and delighted as Pearl Tornado literally cuts through all imperfections!

Tornado has been specially formulated with extended running time to enable the operator to achieve enhanced cutting action with no drying out, delivering an extremely smooth action that produces an outstanding depth of gloss finish.

Low Fling Formula: Specially developed & created to be used without water to reduce overspray and dramatically decrease clean-up time.

For Use On: All automotive paint systems including water-based, HS high solid, MS, infrared and accelerator cured paints, single component and 2-pack, acrylic, cellulose, synthetic and OEM finishes including Nano Ceramic Clear Coats / Scratch Resistant Clear Coats.

Non-Cosmetic: Removes scratches – does not hide imperfections with cosmetic oil.

Choice of pad flexibility: Standard lambswool for maximum cut and foam for cut and finish.

Rectification/Polishing Capabilities: Fast abrasive action removes scratches from P1200 to P1500 and finish.

Approved: Low VOC and Paintable.

Health & Safety: Contains no Ammonia or Silica Free and is completely body shop safe.

Directions for use: Shake well before use.

By Machine: Apply Tornado in small quantities to clean and dry paint surfaces (use minimum amount to work required area) with a machine free-running speed of approximately 1500-RPM and for best results use an electric rotary action polishing machine.

1.      Work the surface applying medium pressure until the scratches and imperfections are removed.

2.      Reduce pressure as the mop starts to move freely to allow polishing action to take place.

3.      After compounding remove any residue and buff the surface with clean soft Pearl® Pro Microfibre Cloth.

By Hand: On small localised areas such as paint exchange from accident damage or heavy-duty oxidation, use soft Pro Microfibre Cloth.

Apply to paint or metal surface, working with a cloth over the affected area allow to haze dry for a minute, then buff to a high gloss finish using a microfibre cloth.

Note 1: Do not over-apply or use an excessive amount of product, and do not use it in direct sunlight.

Note 2: On soft or sensitive paint, or where heat build-up may be a problem, the addition of water mist to avoid any friction burn, particularly with new pads may assist in the polishing process.  However, avoid unnecessary/excessive water.

Note 3: Once a new pad is activated with water no additional water needs to be used once the pad has been impregnated with the product.

Not to be used on matt-lacquered finishes.

Product Code: PL057
Packaging: 6x1Kg plastic containers