Pearl® Odour Destroyer is a technologically advanced biological formula which not only destroys bacteria but also eliminates a wide variety of bad odours and musty smells to leave a fresh clean fragrance behind.

This unique ready to use, odour penetrating formula works best in warm, damp conditions and eliminates extreme odours such as vomit, animal smells, sour milk, and tobacco odours.

Pearl Odour Destroyer1Professional Solution: Totally refreshes the confined spaces found within all forms of transportation, homes and caravans.

Biological odour destroyer delivers a problem-solving solution.

Powerful Biological Action: Completely destroys a wide variety of bad and musty smells including; vomit, cat spray, dog smells, spilt milk, urine, tobacco odours, cooking smells

All vehicle Interiors: The ideal professional answer for cars, taxis, coaches, buses, trains, aircraft, boats, ships, leisure industry buildings e.g. cinemas etc. where malodours within confined spaces can be a major problem and very difficult to remove.

Refreshes: Not only destroys and eliminates the bacteria which are normally associated with re-occurring malodours but leaves a fresh clean fragrance.

Treats all surfaces: Can safely be used on fabrics, seats, carpets, rugs and clothes, and hard surfaces*

Directions for use: Ready to use formula

The surface to be treated should be damp but not wet. Sponge lightly the surface to be treated with warm water prior to application as works at its optimum efficiency in warm damp conditions, then immediately spray formula onto affected areas.

Allow 4-6 hours for biocidal action to be completed.

Repeat application in severe instances if odours are still persistent.

Odour Destroyer will not function in sub-zero temperatures. The warmer the temperature the faster Odour Destroyer will work.

Storage Information:  Store in original sealed containers and protect from extremes of temperatures

Important: On fabrics which may water spot (such as silk) test a small inconspicuous area first before general treatment and not recommended for use on suede.

Product Code: PL030
Packaging:  25L plastic containers