Pearl® Nano Cerami-Rims Quartz HD


Pearl Nano Cerami-Rims Quartz HD
is a technically advanced Nano-engineered, transparent protective ceramic coating, formulated to chemically bond at a nanoscopic level to alloy wheels, contours, spokes, brake callipers and exhaust pipe tips.

Chemical Bond: Bonds to alloy wheels, contours, spokes, brake callipers and exhaust pipe tips to ensure all surfaces receive the ultimate protection.

High Temperatures: Withstands high temperatures in excess of 200°C making it the perfect solution for hard-working wheels.

Resistant: Surface rheology provides excellent brake dust, stain and contaminant resistance ensuring surfaces are easier to clean and maintain.

Pearl® Nano Cerami-Rims Quartz HD

Durable: Quick, simple and easy to apply, one application lasts up to 6 months – 10ml will treat 4 wheels (additional layers can be added to extend life and durability).

High Performance: Treated rims stay cleaner, shinier and protected for longer.

Application of Coating: Shake before use.

Ensure wheels are thoroughly cool, clean and dry.

Prior to application in order to ensure optimum bonding remove all dirt, grease, compound residues, silicone contaminants and wax using Pearl Universal Multi-Surface preparation and panel wipe.

Apply a liberal amount of QUARTZ HD on to Quartz Finger Pad (suede side).

Treating one rim at a time, distribute evenly over the wheel, contours, spokes and brake calliper. Allow flashing off for up to 5 minutes (climate dependent).

Wipe over the treated surface with a Quartz Microfibre Cloth to remove the initial residue and then turn over and continue buffing to remove all residue and leave a high gloss finish. Repeat the process until all surfaces are treated.

Pearl® Nano Cerami-Rims Quartz HD
(For increased durability a second overcoat layer may be applied 4 hours after initial application).

Application Advice: Apply the product indoors at an ambient temperature of 15-25°C, out of direct sunlight and keep the vehicle indoors for a minimum of 12 hours after application to ensure curing is complete. Curing times can be accelerated with infrared, 5 minutes to each side of the vehicle at 65°C.

Coating, Maintenance and Care: To maintain and conserve finish keep surfaces clean using Pearl® Professional all-in-one cleaner and preserver which has the optimum pH working levels for this application. This ensures that road traffic salts and general acidic environmental contaminants do not adhere to attack the treated surfaces.

Typical Specification:

Colour:        Clear

Viscosity:    Liquid

Stability:     Store at ambient temperature.

Shelf Life:   18 months minimum in unopened containers.

Packaging:  6 x 20ml Glass Bottles with Dropper Closure.

Product Code: PL078