Pearl Global Limited welcomes national and international importers to use and distribute industry leading waterless car wash products and we are here to help support and explain the benefits of introducing sustainable and eco-friendly products to customers’ businesses throughout the world.

Do you own a car care product, commercial cleaning operation or import company? Do you run an auto detailing business? Did you know there are innovative and sustainable solutions available to the auto care industry, known as waterless car wash products? We are certain your existing clients will be delighted to try ‘Green’ and environmentally friendly products that not only radically save water, energy resources, time and money, but also help reduce their carbon footprint in delivering that all-important showroom finish. In addition, there are many outstanding business opportunities that broaden customers’ business portfolios, increase profitability and diversify into a new and revolutionary market.

There is a vast and exponentially global growing economy of people who are Eco-conscious and who will certainly enjoy a car washing product and technique that enables the user to clean, highly polish and even wax a whole car exterior and interior; without the use of buckets of water, soap and eradicating rinse of effluents which create mess and downstream pollution. This waterless car wash method can be safely carried out on a driveway, at the beach, in a parking lot or in any public or private place, absolutely any time, any place and everywhere.

Embrace Pearl’s Dynamic and Innovative range of Eco-friendly products to deliver resounding results and present outstanding business opportunities to your customers.


Time is precious and car owners have less time than ever to keep their cars clean, polished and protected, therefore are in constant search of better car washing and car cleaning products. High quality and total satisfaction are the key factors for them to purchase quality products and use valeting services.

Many have tried automatic car washing machines and many have seen the swirl marks, holograms and marring that can occur in their car’s paintwork as a direct result of using them. Nothing beats a hand car wash with Pearl waterless car wash product and a microfibre cloth. Since this is done by hand and with a super soft microfibre cloth, it is very gentle on the paint. This is unlike those giant automatic car washes which can and often do leave scratches on the surface of your car. You should try this product out to see if you like it as much as millions of other people do.

Thousands of car detailing centres around the world are focused on offering the very best-detailing services. Many have failed to offer a new array of services that keeps customers returning time and time again. Cleaning their car quickly and efficiently with high-quality waterless car wash products is certainly one way to win them back. Integrating waterless car washing can bring excellent rewards and impact on their business. By using a “Green” product and offering an environmentally friendly service you can gain the trust of eco-minded customers. This can increase your sales and many more customers could be interested in the potential of doing business with you.

Pearl Global Ltd with our vast expertise in chemicals and experience in research & development has formulated the best waterless and premium detailing products. Our products have been commercially tested, approved and accepted by many companies in over 60 countries worldwide. Many have become international importers and offer their style of waterless car cleaning businesses in their own countries. Some with the Pearl® registered trademarked brand and others with their own private-label branding. Pearl Waterless Car Wash Welcome International importers throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


Pearl Global Limited is Europe’s leading BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 accredited manufacturer of a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly waterless car wash, cleaning, detailing, paint rectification exterior and interior Nano protection products, safeguarding your business and your client’s vehicles with the best products available on the Planet.

If you are a car owner searching for a new or better way to clean your car, it is a good idea to keep a 750ml bottle in your car at all times. It’s worth the money, especially when your car stands out like you are entering a car show. Get an instant maximum shine in minimum time. Choose Pearl waterless products. Spray, wipe and buff and your vehicle is washed, polished and waxed all in one step.

Car detailing centres can help educate the world to be more environmentally conscious and let them understand that water is precious and so should be saved not wasted. Educate one car owner at a time by making them aware of how water plays a fundamental role in our life and that protection of water resources is essential. Keep green and stay clean with satisfaction guaranteed, become a Pearl waterless car wash importer today.

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Together we can make a difference; Pearl Global Ltd British manufacturing helping businesses throughout the world to achieve sustainable growth and success.